Exposed and Humiliated


and loves it!!


PUBLIC SERVICE ANNOUNCEMENT:  All white bois… be sure to report to the Slave Preparation Processing Center nearest to you so that you can be fitted with this required government slave device.  It is a violation of public safety laws, based on the new Reparations Laws, for white bois to be unlocked from their devices.  No white boi should ejaculate for any reason other than with expressed permission and under the direct supervision of a government official.  EXCEPTIONS FOR WHITE BOIS TO EJACULATE:  1.  Sperm collection for reproduction of more white slaves.  2. For Punishment.  In either event, ejaculation occurs by means of a milking device attached to the white bois penis.  For Sperm Collection - the machine will be set to induce only one orgasm.  For Punishment - the machine will be set to to induce multiple forced orgasms while the white boy is restrained and forced to endure his punishment.  The number of punishment orgasms is at the sole discretion of the government.  THIS IS YOUR NEW WORLD WHITE BOYS.  BBC RULES!!!


Don’t cum


Recycling Point

Master decide to lock up the fags cock for an indefinite period of time.

Fags dick is now useless, just for pissing.

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